Leinenkugel BeerGarten Tart

Having just had some wine out of a flute, I poured my beer into the glass (after I rinsed the glass with some of beer) and got a look at it's color and head.

Leinenkugel BeerGarten Tart

The beer had a wheat smell and a subtle sour taste amid the carbonation. Upon a second sip, I reiterated that it was tart and had a wheat taste.

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Leinenkugel BeerGarten Tart

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Website Information:
Beergarten Tart

Balanced, refreshing, subtly sweet, and tarty. This is our American take on a classic German biergarten favorite.

Leinenkugel’s® BeerGarten Tart starts out with a snap of tartness balanced by a subtle sweetness from pale malts. It’s our take on a Berliner Weisse, a classic German biergarten summer favorite. Brewed with American wheat, BeerGarten Tart’s light body and refreshing finish are perfect for warm summer days.

ABV. 4.80%
AVAIL. Apr-Jul

Pairs with: club sandwiches, pasta, salads or pizza flatbread

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