Golden Road Berliner Weisse

Golden Road Berliner Weisse

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20160501: [20160519]
1h. This beer had a light yellow color similar to white wine.

2c. First drinking the two lightest in front of me, Plum Riot and Cherry Sour, I next tried this beer.

It had no discernible smell and like the nose it tasted a bit like white wine. It had a lemony flavor. 5:39PM PT

3. Food.

4a. Pinning the Berliner Weisse as the lightest (least bitter) of the beers, I start the second round with it. This beer was so refreshing. It had a super bright flavor. 6:28PM PT

Website Information:
Golden Road Berliner Weisse

ABV 3.3%
IBU 12

This bright, refreshingly tart wheat beer is our nod to the traditional German Berliner Weisse.

MALTS: 2-row, Malted Wheat, Acidulated Malt, Carafoam
HOPS: Northern Brewer

Availability: Year Round

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