Black Market Cherry Sour

Black Market Cherry Sour

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1c. The Cherry Sour has a red color. 5:39PM PT

2b. After sipping the Bootlegger's Plum Riot, I moved onto the Black Market Cherry Sour. It had a nice cherry smell. Giving it a sip, I found it was not that sour. Due to it's lightness, I would suggest it as a small baby step for anyone who might be afraid of trying a typical sour beer.

3. Food.

4b. On the second pass, because it was quite light, I drank it before the Plum Riot, but after the Berliner Weisse. In any case, it had a lovely smell and reminded me of a fruity candy (e.g., Ranchers). I liked it. 6:28PM PT

Website Information:
Cherry Sour
Sour Ale with Cherries

Based off of our wildly popular "1945" Berliner Weisse, this cherry flavored sour was created for both the crossover drinker and those who find few sessionable style sours can options. Our goal in creating this 6-pack can line was to give the craft beer drinker an alternative to the typical craft beer styles found in cans.

ABV: 3.8
IBU: 6.2
HOPS: Czech Saaz
MALT: Wheat, Pilsner

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