Lagunitas BottleRock Fusion Ale

Lagunitas BottleRock Fusion Ale*
*Lagunitas Fusion 37

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20160528: [20160702]
Today I passed by the craft beer area when the lines were rather short and so decided to get a beer. When I got to the front of the line, I asked for the Lagunitas Fusion 37 and was a little surprised when the worker responded by asking "What number?"

In any case, the beer was red with some orange hues depending on the angle to which I held the cup to the light. It had a pale ale smell and me with its sour taste.

There was no discernible bitterness. With each sip, and when the sour notes subsided, there remained a dry mouthfeel and a slight pale ale aftertaste.

Overall, I liked it.

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Don't miss our exclusive BottleRock Fusion Ale, a tart, sweet, dark, and spicy slammer with a Belgian-y kick, best enjoyed under the sun while listening to your favorite band.

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Lagunitas Fusion 37 BottleRock
Fruit Beer - 5.3% ABV
Tart and sweet ale with some Petite Syrah juice. Our annual Bottle Rock collaboration with some Napa Valley grape juice. Very limited!

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