New Braunfels HimmelWeiss

New Braunfels HimmelWeiss

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20160519: [20160704]
The HimmelWeiss initially seemed like it contained a banana flavor. However, after looking at the menu description and reading that it had vanilla, I immediately nodded in agreement.

In addition to the vanilla flavor, there was a taste which I described as bready. 3:05PM PT

After second pass. Left to Right: ErdeWeissLuftWeissHimmelWeissUber

Menu Description:
HIMMELWEISS vanilla wheat saison ABV 6.5% IBU 27

I didn't taste the vanilla flavor during the second pass through the flight. I did, however, note that it had a softer taste than the LuftWeiss. 3:17PM PT

I could smell the vanilla during the final pass, but... [unfinished thought] 3:26PM PT

Website Information:
A Heavenly Wheat Saison-ish

Himmel (hee mul) A vast palette of flavors in a smooth, drinkable beer. HimmelWeiss is a bier as smooth as it is complex. Opens with banana and hops on the nose. Full on vanilla and spice on the tongue and citrus and hop finish. An awesome year round summer bier.

We truly stayed local on this one and went with 85% Texas wheat in this one. Come taste this one grown deep in the heart of Texas.

ABV: 6.5
IBU: 27

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