New Braunfels Uber

New Braunfels Uber

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20160519: [20160704]
The Uber had no discernible smell. It was also sour of the four, though not by much. 3:05PM PT

This sour beer had a bitterness to it. Of course, it's possible the bitterness was coming from one of the other three beers in the flight. 3:17PM PT

All gone and lacing (or lack of). Left to Right: ErdeWeissLuftWeissHimmelWeissUber
Menu Description:
UBER German farmhouse-style weizenbock**rotating with release

During the final pass, this beer was undoubtedly a sour, but it had a more well-rounded flavor profile than those of other sour beers I've had. Explicitly, it had this bitterness which had a way of detracting from a completely sour taste. 3:26PM PT

Website Information:
Bauernhaus Bier Series: Uber

Uber is an 85 % wheat Weizenbock brewed with a modified concoction mash to enhance the caramel and chocolate flavors of the malt. Lactic sourness on the nose and palate blend into a roasty and smoothly dark mouthfeel. Uber is lightly sour and powerfully memorable. Pairs with grilled meats, root vegetables, rich sauces, and hearty soups.

Released only in the brewery in 750ml Bottles.

ABV 8.4%
IBU 27

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